DER Consulting, Inc.

DER Consulting, Inc. is a licensed private investigation firm (License #2219)

located in Columbia, South Carolina.

The firm specializes in Accident Investigation and Reconstruction. 

Our specialty is FAST, PRELIMINARY fact gathering so YOU, the client, can make informed decisions. 

UNLIKE most other accident reconstruction firms, we are experienced in complete accident investigations.  We are routinely hired to locate subject vehicle(s), evidence, accident scenes, eyewitnesses and emergency personnel. 

LIKE most other accident reconstruction firms, we are trained to perform systematic vehicle inspections, scene inspections (including digitizing) and prepare the information in a format so you understand the vehicle dynamics, crash severity and potential injury mechanism.

With this information, you will know the potential of your case.

NOW, more than ever, YOUR clients expect YOU to get the information and get it FAST!

DER Consulting is your source for reliable information on a timely basis.

Information Services are also now available. Our new services include, Individual Background Searches, Background Checks & Screening, Corporate Records Research and Process Service.

DER Consulting, Inc.

2501 Main St, Columbia, SC 29201

PO Box 345, Columbia, SC 29202-0345

Phone (803) 779-3003

Fax (803) 779-3006

David Roberts also operates DER Kitchen, a SCDHEC approved/inspected commercial kitchen that is available for rent to caterers, food cart and truck operators, packaged food producers, and other food service entrepreneurs. See the DER Kitchen web site for more details.